Today Ash and I got to meet and hang out with Hannah Krieger ( hkrieg ) creator of the viral (and hilarious) comic Bendytoots.  (Check out the rest of her comics too!)

We missed each other at MoCCA, but it turns out we live relatively close by!  We got bubble tea and pizza and drew lots of weird Bendytoots.  It was a good day. <3

I had a great time with Yamino and Ash today! You may know them from Sister Claire (and if not, you should check it out!)

Look at that Tchad tattoo. And look at that TCHAD

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To Anon, but also anyone else

The ask I received was obviously very personal, so I don’t want to publish it, but to super summarize: 
Anon is struggling with art block and depression, and is at a point where they feel that everything they produce is garbage. Everything makes them feel terrible, and they’re looking for some advice.

The ask really hit home with me, and since it’s something I struggle with all the time, I don’t really feel qualified enough to answer. However, I once got some advice from Meredith Gran that’s really helped me since, so I will share THAT instead under a cut

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TCHAD AND RICK. i ship it. Take this game away from me