My name is Hannah Krieger. I have a weekly webcomic called Camodad! users online
Would you ever consider making your chinfographic a print? I was just going through your archives again and it hit me how much I would love to have that on my wall.

It’s definitely something I want to make available online in the near future. After SPX is over I’m putting Bendytoots in the storenvy, and I’ll probably be putting Chinfographics in there too (and if not right then, soon after!)

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Top 5 Ghost Adventures SHIPS. PS you should put "U.S.S Hornet" on there somewhere because it is an IRL ship. that they investigated on. That is a free pun for u to use and also less work now you only need come up with four (4) ships


1. zak/jerusha!!!!!! <333333333
2. nak
3. zak <3< the poveglia demon!!!!!
4. aaron <3< the birdcage
5. the u.s.s. hornet (I WAS GONNA SAY THAT ANYWAY, OF COURSE)

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