My name is Hannah Krieger. I have a weekly webcomic called Camodad! users online
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Baker’s Dozen is now online!!

The response for the comic at SPX was amazing. I let some folks know that I would be making it available online after the show, so here’s how you can get it!

Pay-what-you-wish on Gumroad!

Read it all on my website!

Buy it at Forbidden Planet NYC! (In-store at 832 Broadway, New York, NY)

Hope you enjoy :>


Will Tchad ever know true love

I can’t imagine Tchad in any kind of romantic relationship, it feels weird. Where that part of the heart is supposed to be, he has an extra ab. And inside that ab, an extra tchad. and inside that Tchad, another extra ab. ETC

But the answer is YES, he has already FOUND IT! Rick Bloff is his definitely soul mate, just not the smoochy kind. That kinda sounds like I’m doing a “no homo” thing there, but it’s also “no hetero” because all characters are aro ace like me until proven otherwise. HELL YEA, HELL YAM

SPX aftermath post

This was my first time at SPX and I was absolutely blown away by how few of my nerves got wracked. My default mode is “sweaty vegetable” but SPX was super friendly and fun to be at, and I had a great time. A++++++++

Thank you everyone who came by the table this weekend! It was great to hear when people had read camodad stuff online. I loved meeting you all! I also got to watch people read Bendytoots and the Chinfographic for the first time. It sounds bad on paper to say “strangers came to my table and then laughed in my face” but it was the best.

I didn’t get to visit all of the tables I’d planned, but I still managed to acquire a giant pile of comics to read and meet a lot of artists I admire. All in all, SUCCESSFUL WEEKEND, would repeat.

(And RE: Online prints- Bendytoots and Chinfographics will be going up in the storenvy this Wednesday, alongside the comic update. Hope you’re EXCITED)